What security products do we use?

We frequently get asked by friends, family and customers if we actually use any of our own products for personal use. It legitimate question actually, many companies develop software for particular purposes that they, themselves don’t actually have a need for.

This is an easy one though, we all use CYBERsitter BLACK boxes on our home networks. We also use on in our office as well. And, we have been using them for over 5 years now, well before we started offering them online.

The reason is simple. We have a wide variety of devices ranging from Linux and Windows web servers, down to smartphones and IoT devices like cameras and motion sensors. The BLACKs protect all of them.

The most immediate visual benefit is that they block almost all ads. We rarely see ads anywhere. It isn’t that ads are bad, it is that we can get more done when slow ad servers bog down a web page we’re trying to read. It is annoying. Some pages are so heavily laden with ads, it is hard to pick out the content you are looking for. The BLACKs fix that. Pages load much faster and reading articles is much easier.

The BLACKs also protect our privacy by blocking things in the background you never see. These are mostly trackers and profilers that web site owner embed in their sites to gather information about what you do when you visit their sites. Website owners get paid for this, and sometimes have 10 or more trackers embedded. We can’t see them, but when we look in the BLACK logs, there are hundreds of them listed as blocked. We discovered a remote camera we had installed in our server room was sending data of some kind to China every night. We had it installed there for quite awhile before we started using the BLACKs. It stopped it and that’s how we discovered it.

The other benefit we like is that the BLACKs use an upstream DNS server that helps provide protection from malware. We never run anti-virus software of any kind. And, we’ve never had a virus – knock-on-wood.

We also use LookInMyPC on every Windows based computer we have. Because it records everything the computer does, it has cut our troubleshooting time down at least 75%.

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