PayPal Partners With SPLC – Cancels Customers

PayPal and other online credit card payment processors are canceling the accounts of customers who are identified as visiting any website identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC lists numerous groups as being hate or extremist groups and you can look at their list here. While there are many groups listed that would be reasonably identified as promoting hate or extremist views, there are many groups listed that are rather surprising. One listed group is the Family Research Council which has been a mainstay Christian group in support of family values for 40 years. Their Focus on the Family publications have wide circulation amongst Christian families who strive to improve their marriages and keep traditional family values in their homes. Other listed groups include Latter Day Saints (Morman) and various other religious oriented groups.

Whether or not these groups promote values that others may disagree with is not the issue. The issue is whether aa agenda driven group should be the arbiter of who can buy or sell online.

PayPal and others maintain huge databases of profiles of internet users. Information about your affiliations, interests, habits and political leanings allows them to categorize you (perhaps incorrectly) as someone whose views may not be in favor and you’re cancelled.

This is a perfect example of why you need to protect your privacy at all costs. Big Tech knows what websites you visit, who you follow online, and if you attend church regularly, your smartphones GPS reports what church you go to and what time you go. Do you ever attend Bible study meetings? The location where they are held might be identified, blacklisted, and some day delivery services might refuse to deliver there. Do you ever go to the movies or stream them online? Well, say you enjoy action movies with lots of shoot-em-up scenes, you might be categorized as someone who has violent tendencies.

Protecting ones privacy has been seen as being paranoid or conspiratorial in the past. In the US, the 1st Amendment guarantees us the right to assemble and associate with whomever we choose. But. our constitutional rights only protect us from the government, not Big Tech. Your values may be “approved” of today, but this may change in the future. That’s why it is so important that people start protecting their privacy now.

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