New DMRspot Model Now Available

We have been asked many times if we have a DMRspot without a display. Our blind ham friends don’t need displays and many people who want to carry them in a pocket or backpack simply don’t care about what the display is showing. Those of you who have been into DMR since the introduction of hotspots remember that the original ones had no displays either. And, it you have ever owned any model of OpenSpot, you know that they have never made a version with a display.


DMRspot Premium No DisplayOur display-less model is a little more rugged and compact being about 1/4″ thinner. With no display, there won’t be any danger of damaging it and you can use it pretty much any way or any place you want, except underwater! It has exactly the same components and performance as our regular Premium hotspots, and is a little cheaper as well. available in all the normal colors, they are available here:

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