The Problem With Chinese Parts

We don’t use Chinese parts in our hotspots unless we have no other choice. There are 2 cases where this is the case. Our duplex and some simplex hotspots need external antennas. These are made in China and we use them because we cannot find any made anywhere else.

The other Chinese made item is the OLED display. These simply are not available from manufacturers in any other country. We have seen some displays made in the US, but they are high end, full color, and cost upwards of $75.

We run into problems all the time with displays. What we order is not always what we receive. And when we are able to get the parts we want, we cannot always reorder the same parts again from the same supplier. Why? Because suppliers of Chinese goods like those you find on Amazon or Ebay, typically resell whatever they can get a good deal on. Today they might be OLED displays. Tomorrow they may sell voodoo dolls.

This picture illustrates some of the problems we deal with so you don’t have to. There are 3 displays shown. The one on the left is the layout we have been using for a long time, except this one is bad. The one on the right is the right layout, except the VCC and GND pins are reversed. Those won’t work in the duplex hotspots. The one in the middle is what we got in most recently. Notice the black display panel is lower than the other two. So if we used our normal cases it totally wouldn’t fit. We had to redesign and make new cases to fit these displays.


When you order one of out hotspots, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure you are happy with what you receive. We can’t always get what we pay for, but we make sure you can!

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