Tracking you is big business

You are being tracked everywhere you go online!

Did you know that Facebook monitors your online activities? Even if you don’t use Facebook? So does Google, Microsoft, Apple and the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who waste your internet bandwidth showing you ads for products you do not want. Every minute you are browsing the web, digital dossiers are being compiled about you, what you like, and where you spend your time. This isn’t hype, this is the real deal.
You can (and should) stop them!How many sites do you visit that display the ubiquitous “Follow us on Facebook” icon? Almost every one. The same with Twitter, Instagram, and many others. 

Those little icons contain tracking code.Unfortunately for website publishers, these icons are almost required these days. That doesn’t mean you have to allow them to harvest your personal habits and preferences. We can stop this and millions of other inappropriate, unwanted, dangerous, and malicious web sites too – easily and transparently.

CYBERsitter products have been helping users for 24 years!Whether you want to provide a family friendly environment at home, a safe environment in the workplace, protect your privacy, or just want to block annoying advertising and all the other junk, we have you covered!You can block ads, tracking, malicious and phishing sites, social media, adult oriented material, and much more. It is your choice.And, we provide free daily updates with no subscription fees of any kind.

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