Reduce Your Exposure to Malware and Ransomware by 80%

Most people associate CYBERsitter with blocking content that is inappropriate for kids. If you don’t have kids using the computer, you don’t need CYBERsitter. Right? Well, CYBERsitter still provides content management to help keep kids away from objectionable material, but we have long had filters for sites that are known for distributing malware or promoting scams. This helps keep everyone who uses the computer safe from these types of sites.

For 2019, we added a very useful feature in CYBERsitter that gives it the capability to block specific countries you select. Why is this useful? Blocking just 10 high risk countries will instantly reduce your exposure to malware, ransomware, and other harmful and destructive content by as much as 80%. Blocking China alone can reduce your exposure by as much as 40%.

One of the most insidious dangers out there is banking scams. Scammers send emails out to huge lists of people with authentic looking messages from various banks. Many people have received these types of emails for banks they don’t have accounts with and immediately know they are a scam. However, sometimes the scammers get lucky and the recipient does have an account that that bank. These types of emails usually request you log into your account for some reason, and provide a link for you to click. If you click on the link, it will take you to a realistic site where you can log in. Unfortunately, the site is only designed to capture your banking credentials and is usually in a foreign country and may only be up for a few hours. These types of dangers are hard to find and hard to take down.

Country blocking is simple. Rather than trying to find individual harmful sites, CYBERsitter blocks every site in countries you select. The database contains data on 274 countries and covers the entire planet.

CYBERsitter’s Country Blocking Screen

CYBERsitter provides quick and easy functions to block countries you select, or allow only countries you select. The vast majority of our users can simply block sites in every country except for a few countries where sites they regularly visit are located. If you never intentionally visit sites in the Ukraine, Russia, China, Turkey, etc. just block them. You will never be infected by any malware or have to worry about fraud originating in those countries.

This is a very powerful capability that is usually only available to those with expensive commercial routers and firewalls. The country database is maintained on the users computer and updated along with CYBERsitter’s regular filter updates. Since it is run locally on the customers own computer it is extremely fast and add near zero overhead.

Country blocking is not the only new feature in CYBERsitter 2019. We now offer ad blocking that works with all browsers and email programs. If you’ve never seen ad blocking, you are in for a treat. Pages load faster, and you no longer see all those annoying ads. Unlike browser based ad blockers, CYBERsitter’s ad blocking is invisible to websites so you are never locked out because you block ads.

CYBERsitter is not just for kids anymore. There is something valuable for everyone. Read more about CYBERsitter at

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