CYBERsitter 2019 Now Available

CYBERsitter 2019 is now available on our website at For 2019 we added two big improvements and several smaller ones.

CYBERsitter now includes a filter to block online ads on the web and in email. Ad blocking plugins have been available for web browsers for some time but they have a few problems. They must be installed for every browser and every user, do not block ads in email and newsletters, and can be detected by web servers. CYBERsitter’s ad blocking operates at a much lower level so it cannot be detected, and there is nothing else that needs to be installed.

CYBERsitter also now has country blocking. All you do is check off the countries you don’t care about, and any communication from any program is blocked. This is a very valuable tool in keeping you safe from malware and ransomware. Blocking just 10 countries reduces your exposure to malware by almost 80%.

Please visit us at the link above to learn more.

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