CYBERsitter BLACK – A new way to protect your network!


Announcing CYBERsitter BLACK

Our newest product is a small device, a little thicker than a deck of cards, that plugs into your router to protect every device on your network. This includes computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, or anything else that is connected to your wired or WiFi network. There is no software to install and all devices are instantly protected.

Now you can stop malware, phishing, ransomware, cryptomining, spambots, annoying advertising, tracking cookies and other dangerous or privacy invading code. Of course, since it is a CYBERsitter branded product, it also blocks pornography and other adult oriented material as well as several other categories. And, we are busy porting over our full catalog of CYBERsitter filters to BLACK compatible block lists.

We spent four years developing and testing CYBERsitter BLACK so that it would be easy to use and be a valuable tool for everyone, even for households without children. We paid special attention to protecting your privacy and helping you create a “personal internet” that gets rid of the things that pose dangers, or are simply annoyances you can live without.

When you install CYBERsitter BLACK, it is belongs to you. All your data stays there, on the BLACK, and no one records or monitors your internet access habits. Dangerous sites are blocked automatically, usually within minutes of them being created. Your selected blocklists are updated every morning and best of all, it is a one-time purchase. Your daily updates are FREE, and there are no recurring fees of any kind.

To learn more about CYBERsitter BLACK, click here.

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