Welcome to DMRspot News

We’re just getting started with this, but we hope you will make this a regular stop during your daily browsing. Here we will have product announcements, status reports, tips & tricks, and other interesting information for our hotspot users and guests. We don’t like sending unsolicited email as a rule, so we decided to set up a blog style page where we can provide this type of information without bothering you.

Pi-Star Major Version Upgrading

We have been shipping our hotspots with Pi-Star 3.xx. Pi-Star 4 slowly worked its way through the beta test process and was recently released as a final stable build on the Pi-Star website. Version 3 has been very stable and other than a few small issues, we have seen no…

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New DMRspot Model Now Available

We have been asked many times if we have a DMRspot without a display. Our blind ham friends don’t need displays and many people who want to carry them in a pocket or backpack simply don’t care about what the display is showing. Those of you who have been into…

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Battery Holders for Simplex Hotspots

Awhile back we mentioned battery holders for our hotspots on the website. Several customers have inquired about them over the past few months. We have decided to make them available on request when you order a DMRspot. We are not going to make them available individually because we like to…

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How We Assemble Hotspots

Here we are building a Premium Duplex hotspot with a custom carbon fiber case. All of our cases are our own designs and printed on Prusa 3D printers using high quality PETG materials. We start out by inserting brass threaded inserts so we can securely fasten the internal boards without…

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How We Test Hotspots

Building hotspots is not simply a matter of putting together a kit. We thoroughly test everything several times throughout the build process. The photo above shows initial burn-in testing for a Premium Duplex hotspot. We have several test setups like this and can test up to four hotspots at a…

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The Problem With Chinese Parts

We don’t use Chinese parts in our hotspots unless we have no other choice. There are 2 cases where this is the case. Our duplex and some simplex hotspots need external antennas. These are made in China and we use them because we cannot find any made anywhere else. The…

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